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Starts at $85 Per Session

(Depending on the Instructor)


Meet with our Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Pole Expert for a 1-on-1 session or with a group. Sessions are 1 hour.

Customize your session.  Let us know if you want to work on a dance routine, moves, and tricks, or an exercise regimen. 

To Register:

1. Create a CandyCane NY MindBody Online Account by clicking the "Book Now" link below.

2. Text 332/260-9228 with your profile name, desired instructor, date, and time of appointment.

3. Purchase an $85 1-on-1 Credit found under "Appointments" from your online account.

4. We will send confirmation once the appointment is scheduled.


-Session Recommendations-

We need you Ashy & Naked for Pole Classes!

Dry skin sticks to pole  

No Oils or Lotions & bring Shorts/Tanks for Pole Classes

Heels are optional in all classes

Bottled Water

Pole Grips are recommended - itac, dryhands can be purchased in studio or Amazon/Ebay.  Sprays are prohibited.

Cancellation Policy for 1-on-1 Lessons:
If you need to cancel a 1-on-1 you are registered for, you must text 332/260-9228 no later than 24 hours in advance to reschedule.  There are no refunds or transfers.  After your 1st reschedule there is a $45 reschedule fee. 

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