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Starts at $85 Per Session

(Depending on the Instructor)

Elevate your pole dance skills with personalized one-on-one lessons tailored to your goals and skill level. Our experienced instructors will create a customized plan to address your needs, focusing on skill development, routine creation, and strength/flexibility training. Experience accelerated progress in a supportive environment. Contact us to book your private lesson today!

To get started, create an online account by clicking the "Book Now" link.

For scheduling, text 332/260-9228 with your profile name, preferred instructor, date, and time.

Session Recommendations:

- Attend classes with dry skin.
- Wear appropriate attire.
- Heels are optional.
- Bring bottled water.


*Pole grips like itac and dryhands are recommended and available for purchase.

Cancellation Policy:

- Text 332/260-9228 at least 24 hours prior to reschedule.
- After the first reschedule, a $45 fee applies.
- No refunds or transfers.

Pole Dance Skills
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