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Welcome to our Open Gym Pole Studio, a dedicated space where pole enthusiasts of all levels can come together to practice, explore, and elevate their pole dancing skills. Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate learner, or an advanced pole dancer, our Open Gym sessions offer a supportive and inspiring environment for you to work on your pole techniques, experiment with new moves, and unleash your creativity. Here's what you can expect from our Open Gym Pole Studio:

Open Practice Sessions: During our Open Gym sessions, you have the freedom to design your own practice routine. Our spacious studio is equipped with a variety of 45mm dance poles to accommodate multiple participants. You're welcome to bring your own music and props, and structure your practice time as you see fit. Whether you want to refine specific pole moves, work on conditioning exercises, or create and perfect your own choreography, the Open Gym provides the perfect space for focused and uninterrupted practice.

Supportive Community: Our Open Gym Pole Studio fosters a supportive and inclusive community of pole dancers. You'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts, exchange tips, and learn from one another's experiences. The studio becomes a hub for shared knowledge, inspiration, and encouragement, as participants support and motivate each other on their individual pole dance journeys.


Skill Development and Progression: The Open Gym Pole Studio is an ideal setting for advancing your pole dance skills and progressing at your own pace. Whether you're working on inverts, aerial tricks, spins, or transitions, the open practice sessions allow you to focus on areas that require improvement and dedicate time to mastering more challenging moves. With regular practice, you'll witness your strength, flexibility, and confidence grow as you reach new milestones in your pole dance journey.

Inspiration and Creativity: Our Open Gym Pole Studio is a space for you to explore your creativity and express your unique style. You're encouraged to experiment with different movement combinations, explore freestyle dancing, and push the boundaries of your own creativity. The studio provides a supportive and judgment-free environment where you can let your imagination soar and unlock your full artistic potential.


$25 - Single Session

$70 - 4 Open Gym Sessions

$130 - 8 Open Gym Sessions

$160 - 10 Open Gym Sessions

(All Sessions expire in 30 Days from purchase)



10 Session Monthly Membership $129 

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Open Gym Policy & Instructions


An ID is required and you must check-in for your block.  Be sure your ID and account profile name match.  You can upload your ID to your online account or text it to 332/260-9228 and we will upload it for you. Check-In using the Self-Check in computer at the reception desk.  If ground floor door is locked text 332/260-9228 and management will assist you.


Everyone who enters the studio for Open Gym must have an account and be registered for the block. Facility is recorded and monitored 24/7.  Letting in guests will result in a charge for that person and  membership termination.


Early access will not be granted and leaving late during another block time can result in being charged for that block.



Doors stay locked during open gym blocks.   Check to make sure both doors are locked when you leave.  There is always a manager in the building and on-call.  Be sure to call with any questions if a manager is not at the reception desk. 332/260-9228.


You may record yourself during Open Gym blocks.  Be respectful to other.  Do not record/photograph other members in the studio. 


You may use the "Block Rocker" portable speaker in the Pole Room during your session.  The "Power" button is on the top left and the "Bluetooth" button is the second button on the left.  Power the unit on and connect to the speaker using the Bluetooth function on your smartphone. 


There are 3 floor lamps in the pole studio you can use.  Make sure they are plugged in and the on/off button is behind each individual light  Be sure to turn them off when you depart.  Mood lighting, color bulbs and string lights is not to be touched or moved.


Only use grips that you can clean off the poles.  Do not use sprays or substances that can't be easily cleaned off.  Dry Hands & iTac are allowed.  Sprays are prohibited.  $40 cleaning fee if you use prohibited grips and maintenance has to remove it from our poles. 


Call or text with any questions, comments or concerns.  The studio is monitored and recorded 24/7 and a manager is always on duty.  332/260-9228.

Accessing our Open Gym Sessions means you agree to our policy.  Enjoy your workout!

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